“Communication is to relationships what breath is to life” – Virginia Satir

Painful Intercourse

Dr Craig has a special interest in the treatment of patients with painful intercourse and chronic pelvic pain. She works within a multi-professional team to successfully address the problem. Hundreds of women who experienced painful intercourse have been treated successfully. Even women who have never been able to have sex due to the severity of the pain have been helped.

‘Painful intercourse (dyspareunia) can occur for a variety of reasons and the most important thing we want you to know is that we believe you that it hurts – it is not in your head!’

As many as one in five women has pain during intercourse.

There is help.

If some of the following advice and opinions of healthcare providers sound familiar to you, but did not help, know that there is a solution for you.

• “Just live with it. There’s nothing you can do”
• “Just try and relax”
• “Just drink some wine and the pain will all go away”
• “See a psychiatrist- it must be in your head”
• “Just think about a pain somewhere else in the body and it will go away”
• “Wish the pain away. Positive thoughts are the answer”
• “Since I can’t see anything that could be causing it, I’m sure it’s not that bad”
• “You are fine. You are just spending too much time thinking about it”
• “Your husband will appreciate it if you just don’t say anything”

You should not have to just “live with it”. Painful intercourse has an effect on you and can put a strain on a relationship. Talking about sex might be terrifying but please remember that we see patients with this condition on a daily basis and are therefore very understanding.

Depending on the diagnosis, referral to a physiotherapist and the Sexual Medicine Physician on the team (usually covered by medical aid) might be necessary and follow-ups will be done until you have pain-free intercourse.

Elmari specialises in the following:
  • Sexology
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Sex therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Relationship/Marital Enrichment
  • Pre-marital Counselling
  • Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication Skills
  • Divorce Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling

The diagnoses and treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction, eg
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Libido differences
  • Sexual Pain Disorders:
    Vulvadinia ext
  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculation control and timing
  • Sexual behaviour disorders
  • General Sexual Problems
  • Sexual Enrichment